Oh, me?

Hi, I'm Jen! I'm a brand and graphic designer.
I create professional branding and websites for business owners and individuals.

I have been featured in different online media such as Day One Creators, Pencil Pirates, and Oi Vietnam.

Serious stuff:
  • Graduated from the University of Central Missouri in May 2017 with BFAs in graphic design and illustration
  • Certified UX Designer from Coursera + Google

In 2015, I got her my first steps into graphic design by interning at a Fortune 500 company. Fast forward to 2019, I've worked in different design positions and roles: creating document layouts, proofreading illustrations for manuals, setting up files for print… all of this exhausted me. I grew tired of the “rise and grind” culture and fiddling with the same company brand guidelines. I constantly asked myself, "Is this something I wanna do for 10+ years?"

What I really wanted to do was make a good impact by helping others with their brand and online presence. Now, I help clients elevate their branding and create professional websites so that they can attract more customers and increase sales.

Fun facts about me:
  • I rescue and foster dogs
  • I watch unsolved mysteries and true crime documentaries
  • I'm a proud dog-parent of HungryBalu
  • I currently live in Houston, Texas

For my latest work,
check out my Instagram!

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