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Jen Tran is a graphic designer who specializes in designs for branding, websites, and social media. She has been featured in different online media such as Day One Creators, Pencil Pirates, and Oi Vietnam.

Serious stuff:
  • Graduated from the University of Central Missouri in May 2017 with BFAs in graphic design and illustration
  • Certified UX Designer from Coursera + Google

In 2015, she got her first steps into graphic design by interning at a Fortune 500 company. Fast forward to 2019, she has worked in different design positions and roles: creating document layouts, proofreading illustrations for manuals, setting up files for print… all of this exhausted her. She grew tired of the “rise and grind” culture and fiddling with the same company brand guidelines. She constantly asked herself, "Is this something I wanna do for 10+ years?"

What she really wanted to do was make a good impact by helping others with their brand and online presence. Now, she helps clients elevate their brand identity and improve their online presence in an ever changing world of noise and clutter.

Fun facts about her:
  • She rescues and fosters dogs.
  • She listens to unsolved mysteries podcasts
  • She draws awesome short comics on the side. Check them out here.
  • She’s a proud dog-parent of HungryBalu

For my latest work,
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