What do my clients say?

What do my clients say?

Still not convinced? Here's what others have said about me!

Jen is an extremely dedicated and detail-oriented designer who never misses a deadline. She is skilled in design, illustration, and I have never met a person as organized as her. Jen always goes the extra mile to be sure that all the details in whatever she is working on are just perfect. This attention to detail ensures that her clients are always happy with the final product. I highly recommend Jen for any design project, large or small. You can count on her to get the job done right and on time!

–Brian T, LinkedIn

As the Executive Director of Hunter Memorial Foundation (HMF) I can attest to Kieu Duyen (Jen) capability as a professional UX Designer, Graphic & Illustrator. We have worked with Jen on a previous project, and she exceeded our expectations. For this project, Jen undertook our request to create an important yet eye-catching mini-comic series that would provide a strong, crisp, and fresh style learning approach to encourage, promote creativity, and convey the story of how the organization originated. Read more

–Hunter Memorial Foundation, LinkedIn

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Thanks for the professional audit, Jan! I had about 20 items in my checklist and spent a long weekend fixing every single one of them. 

Today I had one of the users who noticed the changes and reached out via whatsapp 🥰 totally made my day.

–Flavio W, Facebook

Jen took time to listen to my ideas and took the information I did have and created some amazing graphics for me to use at my upcoming summit. She also provided some amazing information on creating details around principals and elements in graphic design.

–Katie T, Facebook

Jen listened to what I wanted to represent my brand, took my frankenstien of DIY brand colours and in a very timely manner gave me something that was right on point. Fast delivery and communicated with me every step of the way. I highly recommend Jen for any of your design needs, she is amazing! 

–Cherie D, Facebook

Jen provided a really thorough and easy to understand website audit which had clear feedback and recommendations to help optimize my online presence. I loved that she offered both written and visual/video feedback which really helped me to take action immediately with the audit. She was clear, concise, and super attentive to details and was able to highlight so many aspects that I had completely overlooked or had never thought about previously.

–Laurence A, Facebook

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